Triangle STA-True Low Bleed 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink- 100% Cotton & 50/50 Blends


Introducing the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink – the ultimate solution for screen printing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Designed with precision and innovation, this high-quality white plastisol ink is perfect for achieving crisp, durable, and vibrant prints on a wide variety of substrates. Whether you’re printing on cotton, polyester, or blends, the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink promises exceptional coverage and superior adhesion.

One of the standout features of this ink is its versatility. Compatible with both manual and automatic screen printing machines, it offers smooth printing consistency and excellent opacity. The Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink ensures effortless application, whether you’re a seasoned printer or just starting out.

Durability is key when it comes to screen printing, and this ink delivers exceptional wash fastness and color retention. Prints created with Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink are built to withstand repeated wear and washing, ensuring long-lasting quality for your designs.

Not only does this ink provide incredible performance, but it also prioritizes safety. Manufactured with non-toxic, lead-free ingredients, it meets the highest industry standards. Rest assured, your printing projects can be completed without compromising the health and safety of those using the ink.

With its clean, bright white finish, the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink brings your designs to life, capturing every intricate detail and delivering unparalleled vibrancy. Stand out from the crowd with prints that truly pop!

Whether you’re printing t-shirts, hoodies, bags, or other apparel items, the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink is the ideal choice for any screen printing project. Elevate your craft and achieve professional-grade results with this top-notch ink.

Choose the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink for unmatched performance, versatility, durability, and safety. It’s time to take your screen printing endeavors to the next level!


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Key Features of the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink:

1. Exceptional Coverage: This ink provides excellent coverage on various substrates, including cotton, polyester, and blends.

2. Superior Adhesion: Ensures strong adhesion for long-lasting prints that withstand repeated wear and washing.

3. Versatile Application: Compatible with both manual and automatic screen printing machines for ease of use.

4. Smooth Consistency: Offers a smooth printing experience and even ink distribution for consistent results.

5. Excellent Opacity: Achieves vibrant and crisp white prints, even on dark-colored fabrics.

6. High Durability: Prints created with this ink exhibit exceptional wash fastness and color retention for long-lasting quality.

7. Non-Toxic and Lead-Free: Manufactured with non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring safety during use.

8. Bright White Finish: Delivers a clean and bright white finish, enhancing the impact of your designs.

9. Professional-Grade Results: Elevate your screen printing projects with professional-quality prints.

10. Wide Range of Applications: Ideal for printing on t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and various other apparel items.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink:

– Color: White
– Available sizes: Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon
– Shelf Life: Up to 12 months (when stored properly)
– Recommended Mesh Count: 110-230
– Curing Temperature: 320-330°F (160-165°C)
– Flash Temperature: 250°F (121°C)
– Safe to use on 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends, and other common textile materials
– Non-phthalate formula
– Lead-free and compliant with industry safety standards

How to Screen Print with the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink:

1. Prepare your screen: Choose the appropriate mesh count, ensure it is clean and free from debris, and apply a suitable emulsion for your design.

2. Mix and tint the ink (if desired): The Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink can be used directly from the container or tinted using the appropriate pigment concentrates to achieve custom colors.

3. Apply the ink: Load the ink onto the screen using a squeegee, ensuring even coverage across the design area.

4. Print the design: Position the screen onto the desired substrate and apply pressure evenly with the squeegee to transfer the ink onto the material. Repeat this step for each print.

5. Flash cure (optional): If necessary for your design, flash cure the printed ink using a flash dryer or heat press to partially dry before applying additional colors or layers.

6. Fully cure the print: Place the printed substrate in a conveyor dryer set at 320 degrees Fahrenheit (160 degrees Celsius) and let it pass through the dryer for approximately one and a half minutes. Ensure that the ink reaches the recommended curing temperature for the specified duration to achieve optimal wash fastness and durability.

7. Clean up: After printing, clean your screens and tools with a suitable screen cleaning solution to remove any residual ink.

Note: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and conduct proper test prints to ensure desired results before proceeding with a larger production run. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation and adhere to safety guidelines while working with screen printing inks.

WARNING: Test for Dye Migration on Polyester – No Liability for Misuse*

Please conduct thorough testing before proceeding with a full print run using the Triangle 1701 Phoenix White Plastisol Ink. Polyester substrates may be prone to dye migration, resulting in color bleeding or dyes transferring from the fabric into the ink.

Test the ink’s compatibility with polyester materials to minimize the risk of dye migration and preserve print quality. Evaluate durability and color fastness through wash tests before scaling up production.

River City Supply assumes no responsibility for misuse or any dye migration issues. It is your responsibility to address these concerns during testing.

Remember to follow guidelines for printing on polyester, including proper curing temperature and pressure. Handle chemicals and equipment safely.

For inquiries, contact our customer support team.



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