Vastex V1000 Commercial Screen Printing Press


The V-1000 is Vastex’s newest manual garment printer designed to meet the needs of the entry level screen printer. The V-1000 uses the industries most unique floating head design. Accurate registration can be achieved without the high cost associated with machines of this capacity.

V-1000 screen printing presses are offered in tabletop and floor standing models from 1 station/1 color to 8 station/8 colors in increments of one station and/or one color. Fully expandable, they allow growing shops to start small and add stations and print heads to boost output or achieve special effects.


  • 1 Station 1 Color Table Top
  • 1 Station 4 Color Table Top
  • 1 Station 6 Color Table Top
  • 4 Station 4 Color With Legs
  • 4 Station 6 Color With Legs
  • 6 Station 6 Color With Legs
  • 8 Station 8 Color With Legs

V-1000 Features

  • Tool-Free Micro Adjustments
  • Steel Pallets w/ Rubber Top
  • Floating Print Head Design
  • Three Point Bearing Lock Allows Multiple Heads Down
  • Precise Micro Registration Comes Standard
  • 6 Way Print Head Leveling
  • Upgradeable up to 8 Color / 8 Station
  • Holds up to 21″ x 28″ Screens
  • High-Strength Rotor Arm Assembly
  • 3 Year Warranty (On Manufacturer’s Defects)

Additional Options:

  • Rectangular Pallets of all sizes
  • Sleeve & Leg Pallets
  • Mini Pallets
  • Specialty Pallets
  • Cap Attachment & Accessories

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