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ROQfold the folding machine

ROQ’s folding machine, the ROQfold is a player of quality in the market for automatic textile folding. It folds any kind and shape of clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos – short or long sleeves – trousers, skirts, dresses, etc. It is capable of a normal production of 800 pieces/hour. It needs only one operator to load the pieces. For the rest of process it is just needed the initial configuration of the lengths of the folds a type of folds (depending on the dimensions and type of the pieces) and then after this, it is an automated process. The machine can be run automatically or the operator can activate the machine by using a pedal. The speed of the machine is defined by the loader so that the work is properly done. The ROQfold, folding machine is fast, extremely accurate, super easy to use, very economical and efficient, with a very low maintenance it is extremely durable. Regarding durable, this project started in the 90’s where ROQ, S. Roque at the time, sold several ROQfold machines. To our knowledge, all of them are still working and requesting very low maintenance still today. It is an older model with fewer features but it asserts the longevity of this new model in decades.

ROQFOLD is a folding machine prepared to be coupled to any machine of the ROQ automatic packaging line, which can integrate the ROQBAG or the ROQPACK machines. Once the packaging line is complete, just one operator can run the line form the finalized clothing piece until it is properly sacked and stacked.

The ROQfold is the perfect solution for 90% of the clothing producers around the world but it is a solution for the next decades. It does not lose performance, it will save your company an immense amount of labor. By reducing costs it will make your business a lot more profitable.

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  • Folds any kind and/or shape such as: T-shirts (with or without sleeves), sweat shirts, polos (long or short sleeve), trousers, skirts, dresses, etc.
  • Quick, accurate, easy to use, economic, safe and efficient.
  • Ready to be coupled with ROQ’s automatic packaging line.
  • Processing speed of 800 pieces/hour.
  • Only one operator needed in the loading station.

Technical Specifications

length – mm (inch) 6120 (241”)
height – mm (inch) 1970 (77.6”)
width – mm (inch)1800 (70.9”)
machine weight kg (lb)910 (2002)
Dimensions of the piece for folding Length (mm/inch)300-1200 / 15.7”-47.2”
Dimensions of the piece for folding Width (mm/inch)300-635 / 11.8”-25”
Dimensions of the folded piece Length (mm/inch)150-450 / 5.9”-17.7”
Dimensions of the folded piece Width (mm/inch)150-340 / 6”-13”
maximum consumption (kVA)1.5
comp. air consumption l/min (cfm)140 (4.94)
maximum production (pieces/h)700

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