Vastex VRS Lite Registration System


Make $50 to $600 extra per job by registering screens off-press instead of on-press with a Vastex Registration System REGISTERS PRECISELY IN 4 QUICK STEPS The Vastex Registration System (VRS) is an ultra-fast and -accurate pin registration system that enables anyone to locate positives onto the screens off-press — then locate the screens onto any rear clamp screen printing press with all colors in register — in 4 easy steps: print in less than 3 minutes per screen!

Attach your positives to setup sheets in register, using the alignment grid/pinboard
Locate and attach your positives in register to your screens using a Vastex pin board with screen stops
Burn all your screens on any exposure unit in register
Locate and clamp each screen onto your press in register using the Vastex pallet jig and its corresponding screen stops — ready to



What is Pin Registration? VRS Pin Registration Systems consist of equipment that enables the user to accurately locate positives onto the screens… then locate the screens onto the press, with all colors aligned.  If you are a larger shop with an art department, it takes the precision work out of the hands of the press operator and places it into the art room. If your a one man operation it gives you a repeatable method of setting up all your jobs from one to 10 colors.

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