Easiway EDF-100 EasiFlo™ Drain Filtration Unit


The EDF-100 is designed to help you maintain an efficient and clean wastewater stream. This is an under-booth filtration system that will catch your ink sludge and emulsion waste.




The EDF-100 easily works with your present plumbing and when used in conjunction with Easiway’s eco-concious products, the discharge from the system is drain safe. This unit has a 200 micron filter that drains into a convenient easy access baffle tank, it can be used alone and let gravity do the work, or you can purchase a sump to use for quicker draining.

This system fits under all Easiway washout booths.

  • Manufactured of white, welded, corrosion resistant polypropylene which insures long life.
  • Dimensions of 24” high, 12” long, 24” wide.
  • Professionally packed and boxed for easy, inexpensive ground shipping.
  • No crating charges, which provides a distinct cost advantage.

NOTE: This item drop ships from Easiway in Delano, Minnesota

Technical Specifications

1. Position the edf unit with the filter opening centered under the drain of the washout booth.
2. Attach spigot to the end of the edf unit in the threaded opening. If there is not a floor drain available insert a sump pump in the opening of the edf unit on the same side as your threaded opening and fasten the provided ¾”plug into the unit.
3. Place the provided 100 micron sock filter into the opening at the top of the edf. The unit is now installed.
4. When the filter sock becomes blocked with sediment it will need to be taken out and cleaned.
5. When the filter is no longer able to pass water or if the filter has worn and become compromised it is time to replace.



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