Saati 20″x24” Hi-Tex ECO Panel (6 Pack)


Saatilene Hi-Tex is a high modulus, low elongation monofilament polyester screen printing fabric designed as the entry level fabric for the traditional and particularly competitive screen printing applications, like t-shirt printing, textiles and ceramic. The product is available in the range from 0 to 120 mesh count per cm, in standard production width and only in white and yellow color. The product has also no surface treatment, thus it requires proper degreasing and mesh preparation.

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Hi-TEX, or standard mesh, has a thicker thread compared to Hi-DRO. The Hi-TEX has been the workhorse of the plastisol textile industry for decades. The threads can hold high tension levels and are more resistant to tearing and popping while on press, compared to thin thread meshes.

Panels are woven into a plastic locking strip. The locking strip replaces glues, ensuring that chemicals will not degrade the mechanism used to hold the mesh in a panel or on the frame. The mesh has more longevity in your print cycle.

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