Matsui Puff Foaming Base HT – Elevate Your Prints with Puff and Foam Effects


Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT opens the door to a realm of creativity, offering an innovative solution for designs that demand attention. By harnessing its versatile features, you can effortlessly add dimension and depth to your prints, unlocking an entirely new level of visual and tactile impact.

Designed for both simplicity and performance, this base ensures easy mixing and printing, allowing you to focus on your artistry. With the ability to incorporate up to 15% Neo Pigments, you have the power to craft a spectrum of colors that resonate with your artistic vision.

Furthermore, the loft of your designs is fully customizable. Experiment with the dryer settings to achieve the perfect balance of texture, offering an experience that engages both the eyes and the hands.

The excellence doesn’t stop there. Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT provides remarkable printability without requiring tedious viscosity adjustments. The prints exhibit unmatched softness, surpassing traditional PVC inks, and delivering a refined touch that’s unmistakably superior.

Not only does Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT empower your creativity, but it does so responsibly. With compliance to OEKO-TEX®, CPSIA, and HR4040 standards, along with being “PVC Free,” this base aligns with your commitment to sustainability and safety.

Choose Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT to elevate your designs beyond the ordinary, creating prints that captivate both visually and tactilely. Unleash your imagination and embrace a new dimension of creativity today.


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Matsui Foaming Base HT/Puff Key Features:

  • Easy Mixing and Printing: Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT simplifies your workflow. Mix and apply effortlessly to achieve stunning results with ease.
  • Limitless Color Possibilities: With the addition of up to 15% Neo Pigments, create a vast array of color shades that match your creative vision, ensuring your designs come to life exactly as you imagined.
  • Customizable Loft: Adjust the texture to your preference. More time and heat in the dryer yield enhanced loft, allowing you to tailor the dimensionality of your prints.
  • Superior Printability: Experience exceptional printability without the need for viscosity modifications. Achieve consistent and detailed prints that showcase intricate design elements.
  • Unmatched Softness: Enjoy a tactile experience that sets your designs apart. The extremely soft hand feel achieved with Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT surpasses that of PVC inks, adding a luxurious touch to your creations.
  • Compliance and Safety: Rest assured knowing that Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT is OEKO-TEX® compliant, CPSIA compliant, and HR4040 compliant, meeting stringent safety standards. It’s also “PVC Free,” aligning with your commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality. Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT is crafted with the environment in mind, making it an environmentally safe choice for conscious creators.


Technical Specifications

Directions for Using Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff

Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff offers a unique way to add dimension and texture to your prints. Follow these straightforward directions to achieve captivating and tactile designs:

Materials Needed:

  • Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff
  • Neo Pigments (optional, for color customization)
  • Screen and Frame
  • Squeegee
  • Printing Substrate (fabric, garment, etc.)
  • Heat Source (curing oven, flash dryer, etc.)


  1. Prepare Your Workstation: Set up your printing area, ensuring you have all the necessary materials within reach.
  2. Ink Mixing (Optional): If desired, mix Neo Pigments with Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff to create a range of color shades that align with your design. Ensure proper mixing for consistent results.
  3. Incorporate Foaming Puff Base: Adjust the level of Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff in your ink mixture to achieve the desired level of texture. Remember, the more Foaming Puff Base you mix in, the more pronounced the puff effect will be.
  4. Mix Thoroughly: Use clean mixing utensils to blend the Foaming Puff Base into the ink mixture. Ensure even distribution to achieve consistent texture and printability.
  5. Screen Setup: Set up your screen and frame according to your design and printing needs. Achieve proper tension and registration.
  6. Printing: Apply the mixed ink with Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff onto the substrate using your chosen printing technique. Use a squeegee to evenly distribute the ink over the screen.
  7. Curing and Puffing: The foaming puff effect will not become apparent until the printed substrate is fully cured in the dryer. Set your curing equipment to the recommended temperature and time. The more heat and time applied during curing, the greater the puff effect will become.
  8. Cooling and Inspection: Allow the printed substrate to cool down after curing. Once cooled, inspect the print for quality, vibrancy, and the desired texture effect.
  9. Washing Instructions: Follow recommended washing instructions for the printed substrate to maintain the longevity of the print and its enhanced texture.
  10. Clean Up: Clean your equipment, tools, and workspace thoroughly to maintain the quality of your materials.


  • Experiment with different ratios of Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff to ink to achieve the desired level of texture.
  • Perform a test print and wash test to ensure the desired texture and wash fastness are achieved before proceeding with larger production runs.
  • The foaming puff effect will only become visible after curing in the dryer.
  • Adjust the curing equipment settings to fine-tune the texture effect according to your preferences.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results and safety.

By following these directions, you can effectively incorporate Matsui Foaming Puff Base HT/Puff into your printing process, creating prints with captivating dimension and tactile appeal.

Technical Specifications

  • Retarder MG: 1-5% (for extending open time)
  • Fixer WF-N: 1-5% (enhance wash fastness)
  • Softener MG: 1-4% (promotes ink penetration)
  • Thickener B: 0.25-1% (adjusts ink thickness)
  • RV Additive: 1-3% (viscosity reduction)

Technical Data Sheet:

  • Wet Ink Tack: Low
  • After Flash Tack: Low
  • Printability: Excellent
  • Surface Appearance: Matte
  • Opacity/Viscosity: Medium/Low
  • Bleed Resistance: None
  • Flash Temperature: 160°F (71°C), decreases with deposit thickness
  • Cure Temperature: 320°F-370°F (160°C-188°C)
  • Squeegee Hardness: Medium
  • Squeegee Blade: Sharp
  • Squeegee Angle: 45 degrees to screen
  • Squeegee Speed: Medium
  • Underlay: Substrate dependent
  • Emulsion: Direct or indirect
  • Mesh Count: 60-110 mc in (24-43 mc cm)
  • Thinner: RV Additive
  • Thickener: Thickener B
  • Storage: 65°F to 95°F (18°C to 35°C), avoid direct sunlight
  • Cleanup: Water and mild soap or detergent
  • Color Range: Milky
  • Substrate Type: All
  • Substrate Color(s): Light, Medium, and Dark Fabrics

These technical specifications serve as a comprehensive guide for optimizing your printing process with this ink. By adhering to the recommended additive percentages and utilizing the specified parameters, you can achieve outstanding print results with a distinct matte finish and excellent printability on a wide range of fabric colors and types. Always follow proper storage and cleanup practices to maintain the quality and performance of your materials.


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