Matsui Thickener B: Elevate Ink Viscosity with Precision


Enhance Precision with Matsui Thickener B: Elevate Your Halftone Prints

Introducing Matsui Thickener B, your solution for achieving optimal viscosity and impeccable dot retention in halftone printing. Elevate your print quality with this essential additive that enhances ink performance and helps you achieve stunning results.


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Key Features:

  • Viscosity Mastery: Take control of your ink’s viscosity with Matsui Thickener B. Adding just .25 to 1% of this additive to your ink can make a significant impact on your print consistency and quality.
  • Dot Retention Excellence: Elevate your halftone prints with confidence. Matsui Thickener B aids in holding your dots and maintaining the integrity of your designs, resulting in prints that are sharp, precise, and visually stunning.
  • Craftsmanship Support: Designed for halftone printing, Matsui Thickener B empowers you to achieve exceptional results with your intricate designs. Its high-speed mixer compatibility ensures uniform dispersion for consistent performance.

Technical Specifications

Matsui Thickener B Application:

  • Precision Enhancement: Elevate your print quality by incorporating Matsui Thickener B into your ink. Adding .25 to 1% of this additive allows you to customize your ink’s viscosity, ensuring optimal consistency and printability.
  • Halftone Expertise: Take your halftone prints to the next level with the assistance of Thickener B. Experience improved dot retention, resulting in prints that boast sharpness and accuracy down to the finest details.
  • High-Speed Mixing: When introducing Thickener B to your ink, rely on a high-speed mixer for thorough dispersion. This step guarantees uniform blending and the best possible performance of your ink.

Crafting with Precision:

Matsui Thickener B is your ally in achieving remarkable halftone prints with unparalleled dot retention. Elevate your craftsmanship by maintaining precise viscosity levels and mastering the art of detailed printing. With Thickener B, you hold the power to create prints that captivate and inspire. Elevate your printing game today with Matsui Thickener B and experience the difference in every dot and line.

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