Matsui Quick Additive: Enhance Print Friendliness of Water-Based and Discharge Inks


Introducing Matsui Quick Additive – Simplify and Enhance Your Water-Based Printing!

Matsui Quick Additive is the ultimate solution for streamlining your water-based printing process. Serving as a pre-mixed additive, this innovative product eliminates the need for separate Matsui Softener, Retarder, and Fixer. Now you can achieve the perfect printability and ease of use with a single, convenient additive.

For those seeking to use all three additives in their water-based printing, Matsui Quick Additive provides a smart and efficient way to combine them in the proper ratio within one simple mix. Add Quick Additive at just 9% of the weight of your ink to experience the full benefits.


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Matsui Quick Additive Key Features:

  1. Easy to Mix and Print: With Matsui Quick Additive, preparing your water-based ink becomes a breeze. Simply mix in the additive, and you’re ready to create exceptional prints.
  2. Extremely Soft Hand Feel: Unlike PVC inks, Matsui water-based inks, enhanced with Quick Additive, offer an unparalleled softness that ensures maximum comfort and quality in your printed designs. The Softener aids in making the ink have a better feel and hand on the shirt, enhancing the overall print result.
  3. Lubricates Mesh during Printing: The Softener also plays a crucial role in keeping the mesh lubricated during the printing process, reducing friction and ensuring smoother ink flow.
  4. Improved Printability: The Retarder in the Quick Additive slows down ink drying in the mesh, allowing for longer open time during printing. This results in improved printability and easier handling during production.
  5. Enhanced Curing and Wash-Fastness: The Fixer N additive in the Quick Additive aids in the curing process, locking in the pigments for better wash-fastness and durability of your prints.
  6. Excellent Elasticity: Ideal for Dri-fit performance fabrics and beyond, Quick Additive ensures your prints maintain excellent elasticity and flexibility, even on active wear garments.
  7. Industry Certifications: Rest assured that your prints are in compliance with the highest standards. Matsui Quick Additive is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, CPSIA and HR4040 compliant, ensuring safety and peace of mind.
  8. PVC Free and Environmentally Safe: Matsui Quick Additive is free from PVC, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for your printing needs.

Upgrade your water-based printing experience with Matsui Quick Additive and witness the unparalleled ease of use, exceptional print quality, and added benefits for print feel and mesh lubrication. Simplify your process and achieve remarkable results with Matsui Quick Additive today!

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