Matsui Softener MG Additive – Achieve Remarkable Softness in Your Prints


Introducing Matsui Softener MG Additive, your go-to solution for achieving an unparalleled soft hand feel in your prints. Unlock a realm of possibilities with this versatile silicone softener that enhances the quality of your prints while offering an array of additional applications.


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Matsui Softener MG Key Features:

  • Supreme Softness: Elevate your prints to new heights of comfort and luxury. Matsui Softener MG Additive infuses your designs with an incredibly soft touch that PVC inks simply can’t replicate.
  • Enhanced Elasticity: Create prints that adapt to the movement of the fabric. Softener MG’s excellent elasticity is ideal for Dri-fit performance fabrics, ensuring your designs maintain their comfort and integrity even during active wear.
  • Eco-Friendly Assurance: Crafted with care for both your creativity and the environment, Softener MG is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, CPSIA and HR4040 compliant. Choose a product that reflects your commitment to quality and sustainability.

Technical Specifications


  • Print Quality Revolution: Achieve superior softness by integrating Matsui Softener MG Additive into your print process. This versatile additive ensures that your prints not only look amazing but feel equally incredible against the skin.
  • Innovative Blend: Explore new dimensions of creativity by blending Softener MG Additive into water-based inks at a concentration of 10%. This unique blend acts as a foil release agent, opening up exciting possibilities for foil-based prints.
  • Exceptional Cleaning Solution: At a 20% concentration mixed with water, Softener MG Additive transforms into a potent cleaning solution. Effortlessly clean screens and mixing utensils while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from using an environmentally safe option.

Discover Endless Softness:

Matsui Softener MG Additive is your gateway to prints that redefine softness and elevate the tactile experience. With its remarkable soft hand feel, enhanced elasticity, and eco-friendly credentials, this additive sets new standards for print quality. Whether you’re seeking supreme comfort or exploring innovative applications, Softener MG Additive is your tool for innovation and excellence. Choose a product that speaks volumes about your commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability.


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