Printers Choice Discharge Activator – Optimize Your Matsui Discharge Printing


Elevate Your Discharge Printing with Printer’s Choice Discharge Activator: Unleash Vibrant Colors and Soft Prints

Introducing Printer’s Choice Discharge Activator, the ultimate solution for unleashing the full potential of your discharge inks. Unlock vibrant colors and maintain the softness of your prints while achieving unmatched results that captivate.



Printers Choice Discharge Activator Key Features:

  • Dynamic Compatibility: Designed to complement both Matsui and Printer’s Choice discharge bases and white inks, this activator seamlessly integrates into your printing process, ensuring superior results every time.
  • Precise Activation: Experience precision at its finest. Add between 3-10% of the discharge activator to your ink for optimal activation. While recommended usage typically falls around 6%, this range allows you to tailor the activation level to your specific needs.
  • Enhanced Mixing: Elevate your mixing game by dissolving the discharge agent in water before adding it to your finished inks. This technique ensures a thorough mix, guaranteeing your prints’ brilliance and consistency.

Technical Specifications


  • Vibrant Color Unleashed: Achieve unparalleled vibrancy by incorporating Printer’s Choice Discharge Activator into your discharge inks. The more activator you add, the brighter the color becomes, offering you the freedom to experiment and create eye-catching designs.
  • Print Softness Retained: Strike the perfect balance between color intensity and print softness. While adding more activator enhances color vibrancy, be mindful that excessive amounts may reduce the softness of your prints.

Expert Mixing for Optimal Results:

To ensure exceptional mixing performance, we recommend using a gram scale for precise measurements. Printer’s Choice Discharge Activator empowers you to unlock the potential of your discharge inks, producing prints that stand out with vibrant colors and an irresistibly soft touch. Elevate your printing process today and experience the magic of Printer’s Choice Discharge Activator.

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