Printers Choice Discharge Base – The Ultimate Solution for Soft and Vibrant Print Results!

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Printers Choice Discharge Base is a clear water-based discharge ink designed to revolutionize your printing experience. This versatile ink brings forth exceptional softness and superior color fastness, making it ideal for creating stunning designs on a variety of fabrics. Whether you’re aiming for a striking underbase or looking to produce bright and crisp colors, Printers Choice Discharge Base delivers exceptional results.



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Printers Choice Discharge Base Key Features:

  • Superior Color/Wash Fastness: Achieve prints that stand the test of time with remarkable color and wash fastness, ensuring your designs remain vibrant and captivating.
  • Easy to Use – Low Viscosity: The user-friendly low viscosity of Printers Choice Discharge Base simplifies the printing process, enabling smooth and precise application on a range of fabric types.
  • Dry Cleaning/Ironing Resistant: Enjoy the confidence that your prints will endure various laundering processes, including dry cleaning and ironing, without compromising their quality.
  • Exceptionally Soft Hand: Experience the unmatched comfort of prints created with Printers Choice Discharge Base, providing an ultra-soft feel that enhances the wearability of garments.
  • Long Pot Life: With a pot life of up to 24 hours, this ink offers extended usability, allowing for efficient production runs without the need for frequent re-mixing.
  • CPSIA Compliant: Printers Choice Discharge Base adheres to CPSIA compliance standards, making it a responsible choice for a range of printing applications.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:


  • Activator Mixing: Stir in 3-6% Discharge Activator by weight to achieve desired discharge results. Adjust percentages to modify outcomes.
  • Pigment Incorporation: Add pigment to the base for customized shades. Recommended percentages range from 1-10% for standard pigments and up to 20% for fluorescent pigments.
  • Thinning: If lower viscosity is needed, thin the base with water, up to 10% maximum.


  • Squeegee Pressure: Choose squeegee pressure based on mesh/fabric count for optimal results.
  • Curing: Proper curing is crucial. Cure at 320°F for a minimum of 90 seconds or 340-350°F for 2-3 minutes, ensuring complete heat penetration.
  • Misting: Mist on-press screens with water for extended print runs.
  • Odor: Expect a strong odor from the activator during curing.
  • Additives: Incorporate up to 5% Printgen/Retarder to extend ink open time and prevent screen drying.


  • General wash-up: Use water for ink that hasn’t dried up.
  • On-press cleaner: Employ press washes for effective cleaning and screen opening.


  • Pre-Testing: Always pre-test for complete cure, durability, and specific requirements.
  • Fabric Consideration: Not all fabrics are suitable for discharge. Some may not respond to dischargeable dyes.
  • Pigment Compatibility: Certain pigments may not discharge effectively.
  • Chemical Residues: Printed fabrics may contain residues; wash before packaging or label appropriately.
  • Complete Instructions: It is essential to follow the complete instructions for optimal results.

Unlock unparalleled softness, vibrant colors, and reliable results with Printers Choice Discharge Base. Elevate your printing projects with an ink that offers a new dimension of quality and performance. Experience the difference and explore the endless possibilities of water-based discharge printing.

Note: The printer must test the ink before a production run. River City Supply and affiliates are not responsible for dye migration or misuse of this product. It is imperative for the printer to test and ensure the ink is properly cured and opaque enough to prevent dye migration on particular fabrics.

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