Matsui 301C Water Base Clear Base Ink – Custom Colors and Soft Prints on Light Fabric


Introducing Matsui Clear 301C Water-Based Ink, the cutting-edge high mesh mixing base specifically engineered for screen printing applications, offering unparalleled versatility. With the ability to create both clear prints and precise pantone color matches when blended with “Neo Pigments,” this ink is a game-changer in achieving remarkable soft hand feel and sophisticated designs.

Matsui Clear 301C is tailored to excel on light or 100% cotton fabrics, delivering a transcendent translucent appearance that elevates any design with a touch of elegance. Its unique formulation guarantees an exceptionally soft hand feel, providing the ultimate comfort for wearers.

To ensure seamless color customization, Matsui offers an intuitive Color Mixer Software accessible on their website. This sophisticated tool empowers screen printers to create custom ink formulas with ease, unlocking an array of vibrant and captivating color possibilities.

Moreover, Matsui Clear 301C demonstrates compatibility with 50/50 blends and 100% polyester fabrics. However, it is essential to emphasize that on these materials, the printer must apply an underbase blocker first as a pre-printing step. This precautionary measure effectively prevents dye migration, ensuring the ink’s brilliance and longevity on these challenging substrates.

Take your screen printing projects to unprecedented heights with Matsui Clear 301C Water-Based Ink. Embrace its exceptional soft-hand performance, precise color matching, and remarkable versatility. Empower your creative endeavors with the innovative Color Mixer Software, and explore limitless design possibilities. With Matsui Clear 301C, achieve impeccable prints that stand the test of time, even on challenging materials like 50/50 blends and 100% polyester.



Discover the exceptional key features of Matsui Clear 301C Water-Based Ink, revolutionizing the screen printing process and delivering outstanding results:

  1. Ease of Use: Effortlessly mix and print this water-based ink, ensuring a seamless and efficient printing experience for screen printers of all levels.
  2. Extensive Color Customization: Achieve an extensive palette of color shades by incorporating up to 15% Neo Pigments, enabling precise pantone color matching for vibrant and captivating designs.
  3. Minimal Ink Usage: Prints flawlessly through ultra-high mesh counts, optimizing ink usage and reducing waste while maintaining exceptional print quality.
  4. Exceptional Printability: Experience excellent printability without the need for viscosity modifications, ensuring smooth and consistent printing results.
  5. Unparalleled Soft Hand Feel: Indulge in an incomparably soft hand feel that surpasses the capabilities of traditional PVC inks, enhancing the comfort and appeal of the printed garments.
  6. Elegant Tone on Tone Effect: Create a sophisticated tone-on-tone look with superb softness, elevating the aesthetics of your designs to new heights.
  7. Certified Safety Standards: Matsui Clear 301C is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, CPSIA, and HR4040 compliant, assuring adherence to stringent safety and environmental regulations.
  8. Environmentally Conscious: This ink is “PVC Free,” ensuring an environmentally safe solution that aligns with sustainable printing practices.

Embrace the remarkable features of Matsui Clear 301C Water-Based Ink, offering unparalleled versatility, impeccable print quality, and eco-consciousness. Elevate your screen printing projects to exceptional levels and achieve designs that captivate and impress.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for Matsui 301C Clear Water-Based Ink:


  • Print through fine screen mesh up to 305 mc in (120 mc cm) when cured at 320°F (160°C).
  • Produces the softest prints achievable in textile screen printing today.

Special Recommendations:

  • Mix Clear 301C in clean vessels with clean mixing blades and utensils to avoid contamination.
  • Use Retarder MG (1-5%) to extend open time in the screen.
  • Use Fixer WF-N (1-5%) to enhance wash fastness.
  • Use Softener MG (1-4%) to soften and penetrate into the garment.
  • Use Thickener B (.25-1%) to thicken the ink.
  • Use RV Additive (1-3%) to reduce viscosity.

Additionally, you have the option to add 6%-9% Quick Additive, which contains Fixer WF-N, Retarder MG, and Softener MG, to further enhance performance and achieve desired printing effects.

Matsui 301C Clear Characteristics:

  • Wet Ink Tack: Low
  • After Flash Tack: Low
  • Printability: Excellent
  • Surface Appearance: Matte
  • Opacity/Viscosity: Low/Low
  • Bleed Resistance: None
  • Flash Temperature: 160°F (71°C) (decreases with deposit thickness)
  • Cure Temperature: 320°F (160°C)
  • Squeegee Hardness: Medium
  • Squeegee Blade: Sharp
  • Squeegee Angle: 45 degrees to screen
  • Squeegee Speed: Medium
  • Underlay: 301 Series
  • Emulsion: Direct or indirect
  • Mesh Count: 110-305 mc in (43-120 mc cm)
  • Thinner: RV Additive
  • Thickener: Thickener B
  • Storage: 65°F to 95°F (18°C to 35°C). Avoid direct sun.
  • Cleanup: Water and mild soap or detergent
  • Color Range: Clear
  • Substrate Type: Cotton
  • Substrate Color(s): Light and Medium Fabrics

Note: The printer must test the ink before a production run. River City Supply and affiliates are not responsible for dye migration or misuse of this product. It is imperative for the printer to test and ensure the ink is properly cured and opaque enough to prevent dye migration on particular fabrics.

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