Matsui 301M Matte White Water Base Ink – Ideal for Custom Color Mixing


Introducing Matsui 301M Matte White – a premium high mesh semi-opaque mixing base meticulously crafted for direct printing on light-colored 100% cotton. Elevate your prints with an elegant matte finish and a luxurious soft hand feel, setting your designs apart with sophistication and creativity.

Designed for ease of use, Matsui 301M allows effortless mixing and printing, offering the freedom to create a wide spectrum of color shades by incorporating up to 15% of “Neo Pigments.” Unleash your creativity with this versatile ink, bringing your artistic visions to life with unmatched precision and finesse.

Experience the allure of its milky appearance as you adorn various substrates with Matsui 301M, achieving a subtle yet captivating matte finish. Revel in the exceptional softness that surpasses traditional PVC inks, delivering a delightful tactile experience for your audience.

Expand your possibilities by printing on blends and 100% polyester fabrics when using Matsui 301M – simply apply an underbase blocker before printing for flawless results on these materials.

Enhance your screen printing endeavors with the unrivaled elegance of Matsui 301M Matte White, making your designs a true masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your prints to new heights of sophistication, evoking admiration and awe with every stroke of creativity. Unleash the full potential of Matsui 301M, and let your designs shine with unparalleled allure.




Experience the ultimate versatility and quality with Matsui 301M Matte White, offering a plethora of key features that elevate your screen printing to extraordinary levels:

  1. Effortless Mixing and Printing: Matsui 301M boasts a user-friendly formulation, allowing for easy and seamless mixing and printing processes. Enjoy hassle-free operations and focus on bringing your creative visions to life.
  2. Boundless Color Possibilities: Unlock the potential for boundless creativity as you incorporate “Neo Pigments” into Matsui 301M. With the ability to blend up to 15% of Neo Pigments, you can create thousands of color shades, giving your designs unmatched vibrancy and depth.
  3. Minimum Ink Usage: Achieve optimal efficiency with Matsui 301M’s exceptional ability to print through very high mesh counts. This unique characteristic minimizes ink usage while delivering exceptional print results, ensuring cost-effective and sustainable printing practices.
  4. Superior Printability: Matsui 301M requires no viscosity modifications, providing exceptional printability and consistency. Its smooth performance ensures precise and flawless prints with every application.
  5. Luxuriously Soft Hand Feel: Stand out from the crowd with prints that boast an incomparable level of softness. Matsui 301M delivers an extremely soft hand feel, surpassing what PVC inks can achieve, making your prints a delight to touch and admire.
  6. Elegant Matte Finish: Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your designs with Matsui 301M’s stunning matte finish. Captivate your audience with prints that exude refinement and allure.
  7. Certified Safety and Environmental Responsibility: Trust in the reliability and safety of Matsui 301M, as it meets the rigorous standards of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, CPSIA, and HR4040 Compliant. Rest assured, it is PVC-free and environmentally safe, making it a responsible choice for your printing needs.

Elevate your screen printing to new heights with Matsui 301M Matte White and unlock its exceptional key features that promise unmatched creativity, softness, and printability. Delight in the flawless results and contribute to a sustainable and environmentally conscious printing journey with this remarkable ink solution.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications – Matsui 301M Matte White:

Application: Print through fine screen mesh up to 305 mc in (120 mc cm) when cured at 320°F (160°C), Mat 301 M produces the softest prints achievable in textile screen printing today.

Special Recommendations: Mat 301 M should be mixed in clean vessels using clean mixing blades and utensils. Any contamination from other ink sources or non-approved additives could make Mat 301 M test positive for restricted PVC’s.

Mat 301 M can be dry cleaned or ironed Use Retarder MG 1-5% to help with open time in the screen Use Fixer WF-N 1-5% to help with wash fastness Use Softener MG 1-4% to help penetrate into the garment Use Thickener B 0.25-1% to help thicken the ink Use RV Additive 1-3% to reduce viscosity

Technical Specifications – Matsui 301M Matte White:

  • Wet Ink Tack: Low After
  • Flash Tack: Low
  • Printability: Excellent
  • Surface Appearance: Matte
  • Opacity/Viscosity: Low/Low
  • Bleed Resistance: None
  • Flash Temperature: 160°F (71°C) – Decreases with deposit thickness
  • Cure Temperature: 320°F (160°C)
  • Squeegee Hardness: Medium
  • Squeegee Blade: Sharp
  • Squeegee Angle: 45 degrees to screen
  • Squeegee Speed: Medium
  • Underlay: 301 Series
  • Emulsion: Direct or indirect
  • Mesh Count: 110-305 mc in (43-120 mc cm)
  • Thinner: RV Additive
  • Thickener: Thickener B
  • Storage: 65°F to 95°F (18°C to 35°C) – Avoid direct sun
  • Cleanup: Water and mild soap or detergent
  • Color Range: Milky
  • Substrate Type: Cotton
  • Substrate Color(s): Light, Medium, and Dark Fabrics

Note: The printer must test the ink before a production run. River City Supply and affiliates are not responsible for dye migration or misuse of this product. It is imperative for the printer to test and ensure the ink is properly cured and opaque enough to prevent dye migration on particular fabrics.

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