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Printers Choice Screen Wash/Ink Degradent is a powerful and versatile solution for screen printers, specially formulated to dissolve and remove all types of inks, including plastisol and UV inks. This water-soluble screen wash is a must-have for your screen cleaning arsenal, as it excels in tackling even the toughest inks, such as water-based, vinyl, epoxy, and enamels.

Say goodbye to ink stains and ghost images with the efficiency of Printers Choice Screen Wash/Ink Degradent. Its potent formula ensures thorough cleaning and leaves your screens ready for the next print job.



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Printers Choice Multi-Purpose Screen Wash & Ink Degradent Key Features:

  • Effective on all ink types, including plastisol and UV inks.
  • Ideal for removing stubborn inks like water-based, vinyl, epoxy, and enamels.
  • Water-soluble for easy and safe cleanup.
  • Helps eliminate cured ink stains and ghost images.
  • Makes screen cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort.

With Printers Choice Screen Wash/Ink Degradent in your printing studio, you can trust that your screens will be in top-notch condition for optimal printing results. Get your screens spotless and ready to tackle any print job with this exceptional screen wash and ink degradent.

Technical Specifications

Directions for using Printers Choice Screen Wash/Ink Degradent:

  1. Safety First: Before starting, put on protective gloves and safety glasses to ensure your safety during the cleaning process.
  2. Apply Screen Wash: Apply a generous amount of Printers Choice Screen Wash/Ink Degradent directly onto the ink-covered areas of the screen. Use a spray bottle or pour the solution onto the screen surface.
  3. Brush the Screen: Take a brush that has been soaked in water and use it to agitate the ink and the Screen Wash/Ink Degradent on the screen. Scrub the ink-covered areas thoroughly to ensure proper penetration of the solution.
  4. Dwell Time: Allow the Screen Wash/Ink Degradent to dwell on the screen for a minute. The dwell time may vary depending on the type and thickness of the ink. Refer to the product’s guidelines for recommended dwell times.
  5. Rinse with Water: After the dwell time, rinse the screen thoroughly with a high-pressure water hose or pressure washer. Make sure to rinse both sides of the screen to remove all traces of ink and the Screen Wash/Ink Degradent.
  6. Inspect the Screen: Check the screen for any remaining ink or stains. If needed, repeat the process to ensure complete removal of the ink.
  7. Clean-Up: Dispose of the used Screen Wash/Ink Degradent and other cleaning materials according to local regulations. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the product.

Printers Choice Screen Wash/Ink Degradent is a powerful solution that effectively cleans plastisol and solvent-based inks from screens. With proper application and safety precautions, you can achieve excellent results and maintain your screens in optimal condition for your screen printing needs.

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