Easiway 842 Screen & On Press Cleaner with Cherry Scent

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Easiway Plastisolv 842 Screen Press Wash is a highly effective cleaner designed specifically for use with plastisol inks. Infused with a pleasant cherry scent, this press wash not only ensures your screens are thoroughly cleaned but also leaves your workspace smelling fresh. Perfect for screen printers who demand high performance and a pleasant working environment.



Easiway 842 Screen & On Press Cleaner with Cherry Scent Key Features:

  • Effective Cleaning: Formulated to dissolve and remove plastisol inks quickly and efficiently, ensuring your screens are clean and ready for the next print job.
  • Pleasant Cherry Scent: Infused with a delightful cherry scent, making the cleaning process more enjoyable and leaving your workspace smelling fresh.
  • Safe for Screens: Gentle on screen meshes and frames, preventing damage and prolonging the life of your screens.
  • Fast-Drying: Designed to evaporate quickly, reducing downtime and allowing you to get back to printing faster.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for on-press and off-press cleaning, providing flexibility in your cleaning routine.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Work Environment: The cherry scent helps to create a more pleasant and comfortable work environment, improving overall productivity and morale.
  • Efficient Ink Removal: Quickly breaks down plastisol inks, saving time and effort in the cleaning process and ensuring consistently clean screens.
  • Non-Hazardous Formula: Free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safer workspace for you and your team.
  • Cost-Effective: A little goes a long way, making Easiway Plastisolv 842 an economical choice for your screen cleaning needs.

Ink Compatibility

  • Plastisol

Easiway Plastisolv 842 Screen Press Wash with Cherry Scent is your ideal solution for maintaining clean, fresh-smelling screens while working with plastisol inks. Experience the powerful cleaning action and pleasant aroma of Easiway Plastisolv 842, and keep your screen printing operation running smoothly and efficiently.

Technical Specifications

Directions for Using Easiway 842 Press Wash for On-Press Color Changes:

Note: For your safety, always wear safety glasses and gloves when handling and using Easiway 842 Press Wash.

  1. Prepare the Screen: Begin by scraping off any excess ink from the screen using a suitable tool.
  2. Apply Easiway 842 Press Wash: Choose your preferred application method. You can use a squirt bottle, a pneumatic sprayer, or apply the press wash directly to a rag. Apply the Press Wash to the ink side of the screen, ensuring it covers the inked areas effectively.
  3. Agitate and Dissolve: Thoroughly agitate the ink using a rag or scrubber to break down the ink particles and dissolve them effectively.
  4. Wipe Off Dissolved Ink: Using a clean rag, wipe up all the dissolved ink from the screen. Ensure you clean both sides of the screen thoroughly for a complete removal.
  5. Reapply If Necessary: If there are any stubborn or residual ink spots, reapply Easiway 842 Press Wash to those areas and repeat the agitating and wiping process until the ink is fully removed.
  6. Final Wipe: After removing all the ink, use a dry rag to wipe down both sides of the screen, ensuring it is completely dry before proceeding.
  7. Ready for Printing or Tape Application: Within 10 – 15 seconds, the screen will be ready for the next print job or tape application. The fast-drying nature of Easiway 842 Press Wash allows for quick color changes, screen openings, and saved screens.

Easiway 842 Press Wash is your reliable partner for efficient on-press color changes. With its fast action, low odor, and exceptional ink removal capabilities, it’s the ideal solution to keep your screen printing process smooth and hassle-free. Remember to prioritize safety by wearing safety glasses and gloves during the cleaning process, ensuring a clean, efficient, and secure working environment.


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