Vastex F100 16″x16” Entry Level Flash Dryer Unit


Introducing the Vastex F100 Flash Dryer, your ultimate companion for precise and efficient flash curing in the world of screen printing. With its generous 16″x16″ heating area, this powerful flash dryer is designed to elevate your printing process to new heights.

The Vastex F100 is equipped with a high wattage and close coil density heater, ensuring uniform and consistent heating across its surface. This advanced feature guarantees excellent print curing results, leaving no room for guesswork or unevenness. Say goodbye to inconsistent curing issues as the F100 delivers flawless results every time.

One of the standout features of the Vastex F100 is its powerful heaters with built-in heat shields. These shields allow you to set the flash dryer closer to your garment without compromising safety or efficiency. By bringing the heat source closer to the print, you significantly increase productivity and reduce flash curing times, giving you more time to focus on your creative process.

We stand behind the durability and reliability of our product, which is why the Vastex F100 comes with an impressive 15-Year Heater Warranty. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected for years to come.

Upgrade your screen printing game with the Vastex F100 Flash Dryer and experience the difference it makes in your production efficiency and print quality. The F100 is your ultimate partner for consistent, reliable, and efficient flash curing, ensuring your prints stand out with vibrant colors and impeccable precision. Trust in Vastex’s decades of expertise and innovation to take your screen printing business to new heights with the F100 Flash Dryer.



Key Features of the Vastex F100 Flash Dryer:

  1. 15-Year Heater Warranty: The Vastex F100 Flash Dryer comes with an industry-leading 15-year heater warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of the product’s quality and durability.
  2. Powerful 1,625 Watt IR Heater: Equipped with a high-powered 1,625-watt infrared (IR) heater, the F100 ensures quick and efficient flash curing, allowing for faster production times and consistent results.
  3. On/Off Power Switch: The flash dryer features a convenient on/off power switch, making it easy to control and operate, saving energy when not in use.
  4. Heavy Duty Side Handles: Designed with heavy-duty side handles, the F100 is easy to maneuver and transport, providing added convenience and ease of use.
  5. Head Leveler: The F100 comes with a head leveler that allows users to adjust the heater parallel to the pallet, ensuring even and consistent curing across the printing surface.
  6. Heat Shields: Equipped with heat shields, the flash dryer maintains an even heater temperature, preventing hotspots and ensuring uniform curing throughout the heating area.

The Vastex F100 Flash Dryer combines powerful heating capabilities, user-friendly controls, and thoughtful design features, making it a reliable and efficient tool for flash curing in screen printing applications. With its extended heater warranty and precision engineering, the F100 is a standout choice for businesses seeking quality and longevity in their flash drying equipment.

The Vastex F-100 and F-1000 Flash Cure units offer valuable optional features to enhance versatility and efficiency in screen printing processes:

  1. Auto-Flash Upgrade: This upgrade allows for seamless and precise flashing of garments. With the touch of a foot pedal, the head of the flash cure unit automatically rotates into position above the pallet of a screen printing press. After a user-adjustable dwell time has elapsed, the head automatically rotates away from the pallet. The AutoFlash unit ensures accurate and repeatable flashing times, preventing issues of overflashing or underflashing, which are often overlooked but critical to the flashing process.
  2. Dual Rotary Pallet Adapter: This option transforms the F-100 and F-1000 Flash Cure units into cost-effective dryers. By using the Dual Rotary Pallet Adapter, you can load a garment on one of the ventilated steel pallets and rotate it into the heater zone. Simultaneously, load another garment onto the other ventilated pallet. Once the first garment has cured, simply rotate the adapter 180° to cure the next garment, and continue the process. With this efficient pallet switching, you can conveniently flash and cure with the same unit by swinging the head, saving time and effort in the printing process.

By incorporating these optional features, the Vastex F-100 and F-1000 Flash Cure units provide enhanced functionality, flexibility, and productivity, making them indispensable tools for screen printing professionals. These options offer solutions to common challenges faced during the flashing and curing processes, ensuring consistent and high-quality results in your screen printing endeavors.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications for the Vastex F-100 Flash Dryer:

  • Heater Size: 16″ x 16″ (41 x 41 cm)
  • Heater Warranty: 15 Years
  • Bumper to Bumper Warranty: 3 Years
  • Controls: On/Off Switch
  • Unit Warm-Up Time: 15 minutes at 120V or 10 minutes at 240V (for F-100 model)
  • Heater Wattage: 1,625 Watts (for F-100 model)

Electrical Specifications (Included Plug):

  • 120V/13A/1,625W with NEMA 5-15P plug
  • 240V/6.5A/1,625W with NEMA 6-15P plug

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