Printers Choice Bright White, High Opacity Plastisol Ink

Printers Choice

Printers Choice Non-Phthalate Bright White Plastisol is an extremely bright white ink formulated to give excellent printability across a range of screen printing applications. Printers Choice Bright White has excellent opacity, fiber mat down, low gloss level, and good flash properties permit it to be utilized as both a stand-alone and an under base white.  This ink is extremely easy to print and is our best selling white ink for both automatic and manual printers.



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  • Optically bright white
  • Matte finish
  • Prints through fine meshes
  • Use as a first-down, under base flash white or an overprint stand-alone white
  • Good bleed resistance
  • Odorless

Technical Specifications

Application & Storage Information:

Recommended Fabrics: Light colored 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends. Use an underbase for printing dark fabrics.
Ink Application: Colors should be printed without any modifications. If thinning is required, use Curable Reducer (1% to 5% by volume).
Screen Mesh & Emulsion: 110 to 305
Emulsion:  Any direct or indirect lacquer resistant emulsion. Use 35 to 70 micron capillary film for best results.
Squeegee: 60-70 Durometer: Sharp Edge 60-90-60 or 70-90-70 Triple Durometer: Sharp Edge
Cure Temperature: 325 Degrees for a minute to a minute and half.  Entire ink film. Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed product before and during a production run.
Clean-up: Screen Wash 147 or any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash.
Storage of ink containers: Recommend storage at 65F to 90F (18C to 32C). Avoid storage in direct sunlight. Keep containers well sealed.


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