Matsui Printgen NTF – Prevents Sticking and Popping for Smooth Screen Printing


Introducing Matsui PrintGen NTF, a revolutionary tack-preventing agent designed to enhance your printing process without altering the appearance of the ink. Unlock a new level of print precision and convenience while maintaining the integrity of your designs.


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Matsui Printgen NTF Key Features:

  • Enhanced Tack Control: Elevate your print quality with Matsui PrintGen NTF. By blending this innovative agent into your binder, you’ll experience reduced tackiness without compromising the ink’s visual appeal.
  • Seamless Matte Finish: Achieve a remarkable matte print finish without altering the ink’s original look. Matsui PrintGen NTF ensures that your prints maintain their intended appearance while offering a smoother touch.
  • Eco-Friendly Formulation: Committed to eco-conscious practices, Matsui PrintGen NTF is formulated without formalin, organotin, or any endocrine-disrupting substances. Choose a solution that aligns with both your creative goals and sustainability values.

Technical Specifications


  • Precise Integration: For optimal results, blend about 2% of PrintGen NTF into the top layer of your ink. This oil-based solution seamlessly integrates into your printing process, offering enhanced control and precision.
  • Blending with Water-Based Ink: When incorporating PrintGen NTF into water-based ink, add it gradually to the ink being mixed with a mixer. Uniform blending ensures that the agent works effectively, achieving the desired outcome.
  • Temperature Sensitivity: To achieve the full tack-preventing effect, ensure your heat process is conducted above 140°C. Temperatures below this might limit the agent’s performance. In such cases, raising the temperature and reheating can activate the effect.
  • Preservation and Storage: Seal the container tightly after use to prevent surface drying. Store Matsui PrintGen NTF in a dark place with temperatures under 30°C to maintain its effectiveness.

Special Recommendations:

  • Meticulous Mixing: When using Matsui PrintGen NTF, ensure clean vessels, mixing blades, and utensils to avoid any contamination from other ink sources or non-approved additives, which could affect the ink’s performance.
  • Dry Cleaning and Ironing: PrintGen NTF can be subjected to dry cleaning or ironing, ensuring that your prints retain their quality and appearance even after post-printing treatments.
  • Enhance Screen Performance: For extended open time during the screen printing process, utilize Retarder MG at a concentration of 1-5%. Additionally, utilize Thickener B at 0.25-1% to adjust ink thickness according to your preferences.

Experience the Difference: Matsui PrintGen NTF is your tool for achieving remarkable print quality without sacrificing the ink’s original appearance. Elevate your designs with enhanced precision, reduced tackiness, and a seamless matte finish that leaves a lasting impression. Explore the possibilities of Matsui PrintGen NTF and redefine the standards of your printing process.

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