Matsui Water Based Fixer L Drying Agent – Enhance Wash-Fastness and Accelerate Air Drying


Elevate Wash Fastness with Matsui Fixer L Drying Agent: Your Print’s Ultimate Protector

Introducing Matsui Fixer L Drying Agent, your print’s guardian of wash fastness. Enhance your prints’ durability and longevity while enjoying the convenience of lower cure temperatures. Elevate your printing process with this essential additive that ensures your designs stand the test of time.


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Matsui Water Based Fixer L Drying Agent Key Features:

  • Enhanced Wash Fastness: Elevate your print’s resilience with Matsui Fixer L. Adding just 2-3% of this drying agent to your ink significantly improves wash fastness, ensuring your prints maintain their brilliance and quality wash after wash.
  • Lower Cure Temperature: Unlock newfound efficiency without compromising quality. Matsui Fixer L lowers the cure temperature to 250°F/120°C, allowing you to expedite the curing process while maintaining the integrity of your prints.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Embrace convenience without compromise. Once mixed, Matsui Fixer L provides a pot life of approximately 24 hours, enabling you to work at your own pace without sacrificing print quality.

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  • Wash Fastness Mastery: Elevate your print’s durability by incorporating Matsui Fixer L into your ink. At a concentration of 2-3%, this additive enhances the wash fastness of your prints, ensuring they withstand numerous cycles with unwavering brilliance.
  • Efficient Cure Process: Experience efficiency without compromise. Lower the cure temperature to 250°F/120°C with Fixer L, allowing you to achieve optimal results in less time without compromising on the quality of your prints.
  • Extended Convenience: Enjoy the flexibility of a longer pot life. With a window of approximately 24 hours, Matsui Fixer L empowers you to work at your own pace while maintaining the assurance of exceptional results.

Quality Meets Assurance:

Matsui Fixer L Drying Agent embodies the perfect balance between quality and convenience. Elevate your prints with enhanced wash fastness, expedited curing, and extended workability—all while meeting the stringent standards of major brands’ Restricted Substance Lists (RSL). With Fixer L, your prints are not just works of art; they’re statements of endurance and quality. Elevate your printing experience today with Matsui Fixer L Drying Agent and enjoy prints that last, wash after wash.

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