Matsui Printgen Retarder MG – Anti-Drying Agent to Prevent Screen Ink Drying


Enhance Your Printing Process with Matsui PrintGen Retarder MG: Your Anti-Drying Solution

Introducing Matsui PrintGen Retarder MG, the ultimate solution to extend your open time and prevent ink clogging in the screen. Elevate your printing experience and maintain the flow of creativity with this essential anti-drying agent.


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Matsui Printgen Retarder MG Anti-Drying Agent Key Features:

  • Extended Open Time: Matsui PrintGen Retarder MG empowers you to work at your own pace. By incorporating 1-5% of this remarkable agent into your ink, you can significantly extend the open time, giving you the flexibility and control you need for precision printing.
  • Anti-Clogging Power: Say goodbye to clogged screens. PrintGen Retarder MG helps prevent ink from drying and clogging in the screen, ensuring a smoother and more uninterrupted printing process.
  • Optimal Shop Conditions: Enhance your open time even further by maintaining a humidity level of 35% or above in your shop. Combined with Retarder MG, this creates the perfect environment for unhindered creativity.

Technical Specifications


  • Extended Open Time: Achieve optimal results by adding 1-5% of PrintGen Retarder MG into your ink. This essential step enables you to work with the ink for a longer duration, enhancing your ability to achieve intricate designs and smooth prints.
  • Humidity as a Factor: Maximize the potential of Retarder MG by ensuring a humidity level of 35% or higher in your shop. This humidity level, combined with the agent, creates an environment that keeps your ink flowing seamlessly.

Unlocking Possibilities:

Matsui PrintGen Retarder MG revolutionizes the way you print. Experience the freedom to perfect your designs without the pressure of time constraints or clogging screens. Elevate your printing process with extended open time and hassle-free screen flow. Take control of your creativity and embrace smoother, uninterrupted printing with Matsui PrintGen Retarder MG.

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